Surrey based barn dance and ceilidh band, D'Arcy Spice, also play in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, and most of the south east of England. Traditional music with swing. Theceilidh bands' ceilidh band
Traditional Music with flair by Darcy Spice
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Meet the Band

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The D'Arcy Spice Scrapbook

  For your barn dance or ceilidh. Bill Perring, Keith Harding, Jordan Brown, and Polly Dare. Keith Harding
A connoisseur of fine drummer jokes, Keith is a freelance photographer and the custodian of a collection of Victorian glass plates from which he makes prints in the traditional way.
To sample his range of snappy wares:
Goodness Gracious



Bill Perring
Bill is a professional artist, illustrator, and writer. To see his paintings go to: D’Arcy Collection.
For illustrations and web graphics: D’Arcy Studios
For his first novel: The Seduction of Mary Kelly

Jordan Brown
The musical intellectual of the band, Jordan is a BA (Hons) in Creative Musicianship, who also plays with celtic influenced Langsverd and the rock band The Road Atlas.

Polly Dare
Not content with merely telling you how to do the dances, Polly practices what she preaches by dancing with several Morris groups. Want to see them in action at a pub near you?
 Boxhill Bedlam Border Morris